Parents and Students

Exciting times for Students

Every child learns in his or her own way. NOVA creates a classroom of one: a remarkably effective educational option individualized to meet each child's needs. Parents may now choose to educate their children using online programs. Some of these reasons parents and students choose virtual learning include a wider variety of courses, flexibility in scheduling, more challenging courses, or courses not available in the regular classroom environment that promote learning in a student’s particular area of interest. NOVA places the choice in your hands.


How does Online work?

Wondering exactly how an online learning course works?

In a traditional classroom, you often learn by listening. Online courses are different. Instead of learning by listening, you will learn by doing; by reading, writing, and performing other activities specially designed by the course

In online courses, students "attend" class by visiting the class web pages and completing assignments according to the class schedule.

This class format is very flexible for busy schedules. Students can often log on to the course at any time of the day (or night). However, certain computer skills and a degree of determination are necessary to be successful.
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